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The Scouting Way

True, Personal Stories about how Scouting Values Impacted the Lives of CEO's, Athletes, Coaches, Political and Military leaders, and everyday Scouters

"As an Eagle Scout with over 35 years in Scouting, I can honestly say the stories shared in The Scouting Way hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing the impact of the Boy Scouts of America upon its members and, sometimes, upon our culture.

These voices of experience share their personal testimonies about how Scouting has influenced their own lives and/or the lives of others they have known. Written in short, concise text, these personal reflections will both inspire and humble readers with their simple, down-to-earth honesty and wisdom.

The Scouting Way stands in tribute to a great movement, but even more so, to the great [volunteer] leaders who staff its units. These lessons for living will appeal to everyone, Scout or otherwise, regardless of age."

T. Mummaw, Eagle Scout, Painesville, OH

From: Jeff Schwartz

Dear Scout or Scouter,

As the Committee Chair for our Boy Scout troop I was part of our Eagle Scout ceremonies and wasn't able to sit back and fully appreciate the beauty and deep meaning. However, when our son, Greg, received his Eagle rank my wife, Sandra (also a Scout leader), and I finally got to just sit in the audience and be proud parents.

As part of the Eagle Scout ceremony the boys broke down the Scout Law and talked about how it fit into daily life. Although we'd heard the Scout Law recited thousands of times it was as though we were REALLY hearing it for the first time.

What a wonderful and powerful roadmap for life! And, not just for young Boy Scouts but for all of us. We could see the reaction in the rest of the audience, too: men and women, young and old, Scouts and non-Scouts alike saw a path to a more ethical, fulfilling, and successful life.

That sure sounded good but was it true? Were there adults living "The Scouting Way" and how had it impacted their lives? To answer that question we contacted thousands of CEO's, athletes, political and military leaders, and other potential role models and asked them a simple question:

Have Scouting values ever influenced your life?

The response was overwhelming. While many of the responders weren't Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts themselves, Scouting values such as Honesty, Patriotism, Cheerfulness, and Doing Your Best had a positive impact on their lives and they were eager to share their stories.

We've compiled the best of those personal, true stories into a fascinating and inspirational book which also includes a 30-day program to help all of us increase Scouting values in our daily lives, in just minutes a day.

"I am sure that in the future The Scouting Way will be used by many generations of young men and women as a guide to their personal behavior, as well as for inspiration."

George H. Ryan, Governor of Illinois

"The Values and ideals set forth by the Boy Scouts of America are the foundation on which to build a successful life."

Mike Ditka, NFL Hall of Fame player

Story Contributors

The people who contributed their personal stories to The Scouting Way include:
  • Dr. Patch Adams - Founder of The Gesundheit Institute

  • Wally "Famous" Amos - Founder, Famous Amos

  • Letitia Baldrige - Former Chief of Staff to Jacqueline Kennedy

  • Raymond Berry - NFL Hall of Fame player

  • Vint Cerf - Father of the Internet

  • Michael Eisner - CEO of The Walt Disney Company

  • Senator Jake Garn - Retired Senator and Astronaut

  • Representative Dennis Hastert - Speaker of the House

  • Charlton Heston - Actor

  • Lou Holtz - Notre Dame and University of South Carolina Football Coach

  • David Horowitz - Consumer Advocate

  • Douglas Ivester - Former CEO of The Coca Cola Company

  • Tom Jones - Space Shuttle Columbia Astronaut

  • Bil Keane - Family Circus Cartoonist

  • Governor Frank Keating - Governor of Oklahoma

  • Hank Ketcham - Creator of "Dennis the Menace"

  • Senator John McCain - Senator from Arizona

  • Sanford McDonnell - Chairman Emeritus of McDonnell Douglas

  • Arnold Palmer - Golfer

  • Governor George Pataki - Governor of New York

  • Joe Paterno - Penn State Football Coach

  • Olympia Scott-Richardson - WNBA player

  • General Henry Shelton - Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • Dave Thomas - Founder of Wendy's

  • Ken Venturi - Golfer and Broadcaster

  • Christie Whitman - Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

  • Togo West - U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • John Wooden - UCLA Basketball Coach

    "I salute your project and thank you for asking me to be a part of it."

    Charlton Heston, Actor

    "Scouting’s motto, Be Prepared serves well for virtually all aspects of life."

    Vint Cerf, "Father of the Internet"

    Sample Stories

    The stories in The Scouting Way include:
  • The American flag hidden in Senator John McCain’s POW camp

  • How "Cheerfulness" rescued the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia

  • Wendy's founder Dave Thomas' worst mistake and how he fixed it

  • How Arnold Palmer won and lost in the same tournament

  • Former Coca-Cola CEO Doug Ivestor's secret recipe for success

  • Why golf legend Ken Venturi always failed to break the course record

  • Coach Lou Holtz's litmus test for telling right from wrong

  • The "Thank You" that took over 50 years to arrive

    "I am a Webelos Den Leader, den leader coach and Cub Scout trainer. I am sooooo happy to have found Scouting Way. I will use these stories in my den and pass them on to others.

    My son used to love the part of Boys Life where they talked about famous scouts and then they cut it out. He really misses it. The first thing he would do is open it up, read the cartoon and tell me and all his friends at school how this or that cool person was/is a scout. This will help to fill that void. It is so important for kids to have good role models, so thank you for helping to provide that."

    Janis Tipton-King, Pack 153, San Francisco, CA

    "From Cheerfulness and Patriotism to Honesty, Continual Learning and Reverence of God, thirty different positive values are examined in depth with informative and compelling essays, thoughts, examples, and encouragements to live one's life in better terms than ever.

    Evocative of fond memories from one's scouting days, The Scouting Way is an upbeat, first-class highly recommended guide to physical and spiritual self-improvement."

    Midwest Book Review

    Who is The Scouting Way written for?

    The stories in The Scouting Way will appeal to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Den Leaders, Cubmasters, Packmasters, Scoutmasters and every youth and adult interested in promoting honesty, integrity, and other Scouting values. In fact, The Scouting Way can help everybody: men and women, young and old, Scouts and non-Scouts alike incorporate the core ethics and principles of Scouting into their daily lives, in just minutes a day.

    The Scouting Way books are the perfect gift for graduations, birthdays, advancements, and, of course, Eagle Scout ceremonies. Any occasion when someone is starting or completing an important stage of their life.

    "As a Cubmaster and Asst. Scoutmaster and father of three boys, I often feel like I'm in a one man battle against those who would rather have our sons grow up to be 'politically-correct' than 'morally-correct'. It's great to see organizations like yours that bring the values of Scouting to the forefront and give people the help they need to spread the positive impact that Scouting has on our youth."

    Tom Lawrence, Cubmaster, Pack 119, Union, NJ

    "A wonderful effort to illustrate how the values taught by scouting can be used to improve everyday life."

    Tommy Thompson, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

    What's the 30-day program?

    Beyond interesting and inspirational stories, The Scouting Way is organized into a 30-day program to help strengthen your ethical and spiritual foundation based on Boy Scout and Girl Scout values. To keep it simple, each day focuses on a single value such as Courtesy.

    First, there's a short introduction to the value of the day. Then, an inspirational personal story (see list above for contributors and stories). And, finally, 15-20 suggestions of simple, easy ways to strengthen the value in your life as you go through your day.

    These tips and suggestions are perhaps the most important part of the program. Reading the story will make you WANT to increase that value in your life. But what good is that if you don't know how? Frankly, this is where many "self-help" books fall short.

    But The Scouting Way won't leave you hanging. You get simply, easy-to-implement tips for incorporating and reinforcing these values in your daily life, no matter how busy you are. Plus, there's space to add your own tips, specific to your work or lifestyle. The Scouting Way gives you both the motivation and the plan to get you there.

    "After 9/11, our world changed. We woke up and wanted to go in a new direction, but many of us did not or do not know which way to go. Many of us drew on the values that we were taught as children but had gone by the wayside in adult life. The Scouting Way helps by not only giving direction, but a day by day plan to incorporate the timeless values of Scouting into our everyday life."

    Tom L., Pattenburg, NJ

    "It is really, and I mean this, together with Scouting For Boys, the best book I have ever read about Scouting. I can't express how this book is changing the way I look upon my own life.

    Every day, right after breakfast, I read the daily story, its introduction, and the hints for that day. Every single day without exception."

    E. Heirbaut, The Netherlands


    Take a full year to read The Scouting Way and try out our program. If you're unhappy with it, for any reason, return it for a full refund (except shipping, of course).

    Order today, January 28, 2022, and Sandra and I will autograph and/or inscribe your books, at no charge, to say "Thank You."


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