The Schwartz family -- the epitome of Silicon Valley
-- is fleeing the overpriced Bay Area to be closer
to family in Southern California

Ultimate "Wired Family" Headin' South

The ultimate "wired family" that Biz Ink profiled on Feb. 2 is leaving Silicon Valley. Apparently the cost of living was just too high and the land of plenty wasn't so plentiful.

The Schwartzes, who have been profiled in other publications - including The Wall Street Journal - say they'll leave the area and return to Southern California once school's out in June for kids Lauren and Greg.

Both Jeff and Sandy Schwartz, who will put their Palo Alto home on the market in April, say it's not just about the money. They want to be closer to family in the LA area.

Chances are their new home will be wired to the hilt, too.

Silicon Valley Business Ink March 16, 2001